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Llwellyn Armstrong


Designing, analyzing and sharing research results.

Llwellyn Armstrong has been the statistician for IWWR since 1998. She consults extensively with staff on issues of study design, sampling methodology and statistical analyses, and helps ensure the results of analyses are appropriately disseminated. As the need arises, she also conducts research into the use of innovative biostatistical techniques.

Llwellyn is on the Board of the Statistical Society of Canada and a member of the American Statistical Association.


  • M.Sc., Statistics, University of Manitoba
  • B.Sc., Statistics, University of Manitoba

Llwellyn’s Publications (organized by year)

Devries, J.H., L.M. Armstrong, D.W. Howerter, and R.B. Emery. 2023. Waterfowl distribution and productivity in the Prairie Pothole Region of Canada: Tools for conservation planning. Wildlife Monographs 211:e1074.

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