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Bryan Page

Research Biologist

Helping to quantify the ecosystem services that wetlands provide.

Bryan Page has been with IWWR since 2008. With a high interest in wetland biogeochemistry his present and past work focuses on the cycling of nutrients, the sequestration of carbon and the bioavailability of trace metals in different wetland types across Canada. Bryan is responsible for co-ordinating IWWR’s water quantity and quality field research activities on watersheds across the prairies. Bryan’s also been involved in monitoring water quality on the carp exclusion project at Delta Marsh in Manitoba and looking at the effects of groundwater levels on upstream and downstream sides of newly constructed logging roads across boreal peatlands.

Bryan collects data that increases our understanding of the environmental impacts of wetland drainage on water quality and quantity. In particular, he is interested in quantifying the amount of phosphorous and nitrogen exiting drained wetlands. These nutrients can promote harmful algal blooms in downstream rivers and lakes negatively affecting water quality.


  • M.Sc., Aquatic Chemistry, University of Manitoba
  • B.Sc., Environmental Science, University of Manitoba

Bryan’s Publications (organized by year)

Page, B., P. Badiou, and O. Steele. 2023. Nutrient retention of newly restored wetlands receiving agricultural runoff in a temperate region of North America. Ecological Engineering 195:107060.

Ury, E.A., P. Arrumugam, E.R. Herbert, P. Badiou, B. Page, and N.B. Basu. 2023. Source or sink? Meta-analysis reveals diverging controls of phosphorus retention and release in restored and constructed wetlands. Environmental Research Letters 18:083002.

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Badiou, P., B. Page, and L. Ross. 2019. A comparison of water quality and greenhouse gas emissions in constructed wetlands and conventional retention basins with and without submerged macrophyte management for storm water regulation. Ecological Engineering 127: 292-301.

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