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Howard (Howie) Singer

Research Biologist

Surveying waterfowl to help inform our conservation planning in the western boreal forest.

Howie Singer joined the IWWR team in 2015 to embark on a three-year term as a research biologist on the Sustainable Landscape Change Project in Canada’s western boreal forest. Howie brings substantial knowledge of waterfowl ecology and aerial surveys, plus a great deal of enthusiasm for waterfowl conservation. Howie completed his BSc at the University of Nevada, Reno, where he worked with Jim Sedinger studying black brant in Alaska. This undergrad research resulted in his first peer-reviewed publication, a paper in The Auk on timing of wing moult. He then completed his MSc at Michigan State University where he studied the influence of weather on mallard productivity and of regulations and hunter numbers on mallard harvest rates. Afterwards, he co-ordinated waterbird surveys for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.


  • M.Sc., Fisheries and Wildlife, Michigan State University
  • B.Sc., Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, University of Nevada

Howie’s Publications (organized by year)

Bortolotti, L.E., R.B. Emery, P.D. Kowal, L.M. Armstrong, V.B. Harriman, H.V. Singer, M.J. Anteau, F.B. Baldwin, C. Meuckon, and D.A. Wrubleski. 2023. Migrating ducks and submersed aquatic vegetation respond positively after invasive common carp (Cyprinus carpio) exclusion from a freshwater coastal marsh. Wetlands 43:25.

Hammell, G.S., H.V. Singer, and L.M. Armstrong. 2021. Comparative reproductive parameters of sympatric lesser scaup (Aythya affinis) and ring-necked duck (Aythya collaris) in parkland Manitoba. Canadian Field Naturalist 135:278-292.

Singer, H.V., S.M. Slattery, L. Armstrong, and S. Witherly. 2020. Assessing breeding duck population trends relative to anthropogenic disturbances across the Boreal Plains of Canada, 1960-2007. Avian Conservation and Ecology 15:1.

Singer, H.V., D.R. Luukkonen, L.M. Armstrong, and S.R. Winterstein. 2016. Influence of weather, wetland availability, and mallard abundance on productivity of Great Lakes mallards (Anas platyrhyncos). Wetlands 36:969-978.

Singer, H. 2014. Lake St. Clair: A wetland paradise. Jack Pine Warbler 91:10.

Singer, H.V. 2014. Factors affecting productivity and harvest of Great Lakes mallards. Thesis, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, USA.

Singer, H.V., J.S. Sedinger, C.A. Nicolai, A.W. van Dellen, and B.T. Person. 2012. Timing of adult remigal wing molt in female black brant (Branta bernicla nigricans). Auk 129:239-246.