Ducks Unlimited Canada
Institute for Wetland & Waterfowl Research
PO Box 1160
Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada
R0C 2Z0

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Lead DUC Researcher: Stuart M. Slattery, Ph.D.

Since its founding, Ducks Unlimited has embraced a scientific approach to conserving wetlands and associated uplands that support North America’s waterfowl populations. More recently, DU’s application of science has expanded to increase understanding of how habitat conservation affects ecosystem services (e.g., water quality, flood mitigation) that directly improve human health and livelihoods. This approach ensures DU’s conservation actions continue to sustain waterfowl populations while increasing their relevance and benefits to broader segments of society.

2022 Ducks Unlimited International Science Report

A collection of select research from the 2022 Science Report, including information on the students and scientists involved, DU’s fellowship recipients and scientific insights.

Download 2022 Ducks Unlimited International Science Report