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IWWR partners with researchers from North American universities and other institutions by accepting unsolicited research proposals. This collaboration is key to advancing wetland conservation across the continent.

Scope of Proposals

Consideration will be given to field research anywhere in Canada. Retrospective analyses, modeling or laboratory work on issues of importance to IWWR and Ducks Unlimited Canada may be supported regardless of where the work is conducted.

Generally, grants for fieldwork in the United States or Mexico are made and administered by Ducks Unlimited, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee. For guidance please refer to the contact info provided below under the “Apply now” heading.

Field research in the United States or Latin America may be supported by Ducks Unlimited Canada in the following exceptional circumstances:

  • The information is of extraordinary importance to migratory waterfowl in Canada (e.g., research on declining scaup populations)
  • The work is part of a cross-border project (e.g., Fraser River Delta / North Puget Sound)
  • A unique research opportunity exists where results would be clearly transferable to Canadian ecosystems (e.g., hydrology and nutrient cycling in prairie potholes in northern North Dakota)

Application Process

Projects are selected through a two-step process that involves review of pre-proposals and final proposals.


  • Typically five pages in length, including a preliminary budget
  • Should describe the basic research idea, objectives, general approach and methods to be used
  • Should explicitly state how results of the proposed research will benefit IWWR and the conservation mission of Ducks Unlimited Canada
  • May be submitted at any time, but should be received by June 30 to accommodate the IWWR’s annual budget preparations
  • Responses to pre-proposals are generally made within eight weeks after submission.

Final Proposals

  • No more than 10 pages in length
  • Should include the following elements:
    • An introduction to the problem (including a statement of relevance to Ducks Unlimited Canada)
    • Objectives and major hypotheses
    • The basic design of observations or experiments
    • General methods
    • Timetable
    • Cited literature
  • Should include proposed and, as appropriate, multi-year budget with a list of any secured matching support (including personal support) and other pending applications
  • Should include a resume of principal investigators

Final proposals will be sent for confidential internal review, and possibly external review. If approved in concept, IWWR staff will assist the principal investigator in seeking funds to support the study. This typically means providing partial support with discretionary funds.

Apply now

To apply for unsolicited research support, please submit materials to:

Stuart Slattery, Manager of Conservation Science and Planning
Institute for Wetland and Waterfowl Research
Ducks Unlimited Canada
P.O. Box 1160
Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada R0C 2Z0

Phone: (204) 467-3000

For the United States and Mexico:

Science support in the United States and Mexico is managed separately by Ducks Unlimited, Inc. For guidance, please contact:

Tom Moorman, Chief Scientist
Ducks Unlimited Inc.
One Waterfowl Way
Memphis, TN 38120
Phone: (901) 758-3825

Electronic submissions are strongly encouraged.